How to Get Bubbles Out of Decals

How to Get Bubbles Out of Decals

A sticker can be an attractive addition to a window or wall. Place a sticker on the car window in honor of your favorite sports team or use multiple stickers on the bedroom walls to create an enchanting forest look. Air bubbles can form when a sticker or shape is affixed over time. Since air bubbles are ugly and can affect the seal between the label and the surface, it is a good idea to remove them from the labels if possible.

Hair dryer

How to Get Bubbles Out of Decals

How to Get Bubbles Out of DecalsCredit card, razor or putty

Turn on the hair dryer and hold it over the sticker to warm it up.

Press a straight edge, such as the edge of a credit card, razor, or putty knife, onto the bottom of the label. Hold the straight edge at a 45-degree angle.

Slowly drive the correct label up over the label. When you move the right edge over the label, air bubbles will push up and out of the label.

Pop the rest of the small air bubbles. Carefully create a small gap on the label surface above the bubbles with a sharp razor blade to allow air to escape. Smooth label surface with straight edge.

Thoroughly clean the surface before attaching it to prevent air bubbles from forming.

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