How to Cut a Masonite Door

How to Cut a Masonite Door

Masonite doors are hollow doors that are typically used for interiors such as Bedroom, Bathroom and Cabinet openings. Masonite is a lightweight, hollow material that makes it susceptible to elemental damage and injury. When installing Masonite doors or adding new floor coverings, the material must be cut to fit. Cut the masonite door with a circular saw with a finishing blade with at least 40 teeth. Inspect the cut part to ensure that the wooden blocks surrounding the entire outer edge of the door are still intact for installation.

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How to Cut a Masonite Door

How to Cut a Masonite DoorFlat work surface

tape measure



Circular saw

Blade finishing

Place the masonite door on a flat work surface, such as a pair of saw horses or a table. Adjust the position of the table so that the door section to be cut does not rest on any work surface.

Measure the length of the door with a tape measure and the lead mark on the left and right edges to indicate where the line is cut. Attach the end of the chalk line over the mark and stretch it to the opposite mark. Hold the taught chalk line with one hand and use your other hand lightly. Quickly release the chalk line to form a line on the surface of the masonite door.

Equip the circular saw with a sharp blade with at least 40 teeth. Check the circular saw for damage, such as broken or worn power cords, missing protective equipment, or a cracked saw housing.

Place the saw table on the masonite door with the blade along the outer edge. Release the depth adjustment lever on the back of the circular saw to adjust the depth of the blade so that it only cuts the door material. Lock the adjustment function again.

Move the circular saw to the side of the door where the widest part of the cutting table rests on the Masonite door material. Align the cutting blade with the broken chalk line and squeeze the electric trigger. Allow the saw to come on completely before cutting.

Move the circular saw forward while looking at the positioning arrow on the front of the saw table and the rotating blade to make sure they match the dashed line. Gradually push the saw over the entire surface of the Masonite door material to saw completely.

Remove the saw from the masonite material and wait for the blade to stop rotating before placing the tool on the ground. Check the cut edge of the masonite door to make sure there is filler material left.

If the wooden interior at the bottom of the door was completely removed when you made the cut, place it in the part of the cut door. Remove all surrounding masonite material, such as glue, nails, or rivets, with pliers and a wooden cover.

Apply plenty of wood glue to the inside edges of the Masonite door where you slide inside the piece of wood. Place the wood service in the door opening and tap it with your fingers until it is flush with the bottom. Door. Allow the adhesive to dry before reinstalling the door.

After making the cut from the masonite, smooth the edge with sandpaper to remove the strawberries.

Use personal protective equipment such as goggles, hearing protection and a dust mask when using power tools.

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